From Shoes to Shirts and Ties, You’ll Find Great Accessories at Esclot London.

Complement your suit with our range of accessories. At Esclot London, we’re known for our assortment of shoes as well as our shirts and ties. Based in the City of London, you’re sure to look the part when you choose our business for your clothing.


Once you’ve put time and effort into selecting the perfect suit, choose a bespoke pair of shoes that really help to enhance the entire outfit. Boasting style and comfort, our range of shoes are perfect for all special occasions. Individually handmade in Italy and available in some of the most exotic leathers available on the market, these are truly some of the most outstanding shoes in the world.


Made from some of the finest silks, all of our ties are produced in England. As they’re made by hand, they all feature luxurious and original designs. So there’s plenty of options for you to choose from.

Contact our tailors today, in London, Greater London,

to receive more details about our shoes, shirts, and ties.

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Though Savile Row has some of the most beautifully designed men’s shirts available, ours are some of the most original in the area. As we’re recognised for our iconic edge trimmings and hidden buttons, our shirts are the envy of fashion houses internationally.

Even though there’s huge demand for our shirts, we only offer a small number of each design. And that’s why you’re unlikely to walk by someone who is wearing the same shirt as you. All of our handmade shirts are created from high-quality cotton, and any adjustments can be made as necessary to ensure the perfect fit.